Promote Nandar Movies and Earn Revenue

Are you a filmmaker, film fan, blogger, film festival or a online movie review site?  One of the means for us to earn more for our community is by growing our subscribers on all of our platforms including free and subscription plans. Word of mouth works and is the BEST form of advertising. Anyone who wants to help promote Nandar Movies on your sites or social media, we appreciate the help.

Filmmakers, be sure to sign up for a Partner Pin (coupon code) and promote your titles on our paid subscription site.

Here’s why….

  1. Earn Money on Paid Subscriptions that you refer. Its our affiliate program. Your referrals receive a 10% discount on subscription fees.
    1. Earn $1 each time your Partner Pin is used when someone signs up for a new account on Nandar Movies.
    2. Continue earning every month they keep their subscription.
    3. Collect a payment each calendar month.
  2. Sign up and then give out your Partner Pin to
    1. Family and friends
    2. People you know in the industry
    3. On social media, your blog and anywhere else you can share it.
  3. Remember, if you are a filmmaker with a title on the platform, you are also receiving your pro rata share of the subscription fees, based on minutes viewed on the platform, too.

Earning Potentials:

  • 100 Monthly Subscribers = $100 a month income
  • 500 Monthly Subscribers = $500 a month income
  • 1000 Monthly Subscribers = $1000 a month income
  • 2500 Monthly Subscribers = $2500 a month income
  • You get the picture!

Questions and Answers:

How do I sign up for a Partner Pin?

Go to this link


Payments are issued within 30 days of the end of the month monies are earned.

Payments are not issued for less than $10.

This program may be discontinued at any time and without notice.

All decisions by management are final.

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